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Who is JEni JUranics?

Canada's Down-to-Earth Medium: Your Grounded & Sensible link to the Spirit World & Your Higher Self!

Jeni is a Psychic, Medium, Reiki Master and Sound Healer who resides in the country near Kingston, ON Canada with her husband and two spirited children.

Since childhood, Jeni knew she was different. Through many life experiences, her gift of Spirit Communication developed and has become her biggest passion and purpose in life.

As a Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient & Claircognizant, Jeni has a vibrant and genuine ability to connect and deliver the right message at the right time..

Jeni's reading style and personality has been described as "warm, comforting and down to earth. "  Her approach to mediumship and psychic work is sensible, practical and straightforward. 

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A.B, Brighton, ON

"Dear Jeni, thanks so much for the very insightful spiritual reading you did for me. It was nice to connect with my father and grandparents and be reminded that they are always with me, supporting, nurturing, loving me and cheering me on. It was so comforting! Your love of what you do really came through, I felt very comfortable and supported. I would definitely recommend you!                    


M.R, Kingston, ON

Jeni has a true and powerful gift. I was drawn to her for a long time with a knowing that one day she would be an important person in my life. I approached her for a reading for a very personal journey. Without giving details to her on what that was, she was a true medium between me and my since past family members. The healing that transpired is a gift I will never be able to forget or thank her enough for"  

S.K, Kingston, ON

"Jeni's healing gifts are deep and true. She makes clear-eyed contact with your inner being, 

and her reports back are respectful, down-to-earth and transformative. To anyone facing illness, injury or other struggles, 

I recommend her

 gentle and powerful work"

C.T, Kingston, ON

"Jeni Juranics is a capable soul with whom to reach out 

to loved ones.  When I arrived 

for my reading, Jeni created a safe and warm atmosphere.  She took her time settling into the space, which felt grounded and clear.  

Her communication was open, kind and honest.  Jeni's intuitive gifts helped me to open my 

heart to family members who have been lost in the physical 

world yet

 retain strong presence in my life."

C.H, Kingston, ON

"Thank you for the amazing reading yesterday Jeni...you connected to all 4 'beings' that I

 needed to connect with! I say 'beings' because one was my dog. You have a beautiful gift and way of being of service to the souls on this planet. I can't thank you 

enough for the wisdom, laughs and tears!! (your space is so zen 

and calming too) Much love to you!"

E.B, Kingston, ON

"I recently had a reading with Jeni in hopes of connecting with my sweet mama who recently passed. My
Mom came through right away and sent Jeni the most comforting messages to pass along to me. I could tell Jeni was genuine and truly gifted. We also got to share a unique experience in which I had asked my mom to send me a sign in the form of a cat, since cats were our thing. Well, not long before I arrived for my reading a stray cat had appeared on her step and stayed until my reading was over. Believe it or not, I don’t think it was a coincidence. So thank you Jeni and hello mama!"

D.S, Kingston, ON

"I had a reading done by Jeni. It has taken me a couple of weeks to wrap my head around my reading. Everything was spot on with what Jeni related to me about what has happened in my life and the path I should go to. It was pretty intense, but so validating in what I felt and heard.
Jeni is such a loving beautiful person, inside and out, it was such a joy to be able to have spent an hour with her that will change my life. Thank you Jeni. I would highly recommend Jeni to anyone seeking validation, getting pieces of their souls back or just to help maybe calm the storm inside."

K.M, Belleville, ON

"If you are lucky enough to cross paths with Jeni you will discover her authentic beauty. She is truly gifted. I would recommend her to anyone looking to connect to the spirit world." 

M.R, Belleville, ON

"An absolutely outstanding lady with a genuine talent. What a gift she has to offer this world we live in. I feel very blessed to have been a part of her gathering! Jeni is the real deal and I was overwhelmed with the amount of spirits that came for their chance to talk to the ones left here! Jeni welcomes and therefor a lot of them came. She does an outstanding job of translating their messages! Thanks for all you do Jeni!"

J.M, Kingston, ON

"Jeni is AMAZING!!!! I know I can always go to her for the most spot-on Intuitive advice. After working with Jeni I always feel more clear, positive, and light. Whether it’s business, relationships, or general life stuff - I live having Jeni’s input!!!"

H.D, Colborne, ON

"Today, I submitted a photo of a loved one who has passed, in hopes of hearing some messages. I totally didnt expect to hear from this loved one, but he came through to Jeni so clearly that there was no mistaking that is was him. Jenis accuracy is phenomenal! Thank you so much! I am blessed to have had such an experience! You truly have an amazing gift! Thank you for sharing it with so many people!! I highly recommend Jeni! I definitely plan on booking one in person soon!!"

P.B, Picton, ON

  "Good morning Jeni!  I just wanted to thank you for the comforting reading yesterday. You are now an honorary member of my spiritual team who have helped me along my journey of grief after the sudden loss if my husband.. I'm not sure if you remember but my he showed you a rainbow for me yesterday and last night when I was driving to picton guess what I saw! There it was!!  The most beautiful rainbow Blessed am I.  Thank you again xoxo"

J.S, Belleville, ON

"She was amazing and so very caring.  Would definitely go see her again and recommend her to anyone.  Thanks so much for the great reading."

E.R, Belleville, ON

"Went and saw Jeni at the psychic fair in Kingston with my best friend. Jeni was unbelievably accurate and completely sent shivers down my spine with her accuracy. I wish I had more time with her - will totally see her again!! Thank you for such an incredible experience!!"

B.V, Millhaven, ON

"Jeni has a presence of warmth, oneness with life, and honesty. Her readings are not only amazing, but also "guiding" and soul comforting. Shall definitely personally connect with Jeni again, and highly recommend her services to others." She is a beautiful person, through and through, with an amazing gift.

L.L, Kingston,ON

"I have had two readings with Jeni and both were extremely helpful. Jeni is an amazing person comfortable to be with and spot on with her readings. My first reading she hit the nail on the head. I will see again. Thank you Jeni."

M.B, Corbyville, ON

"I have had the privilege of sitting in Jeni’s presence 3 times. Two as group readings and my most recent encounter, a private reading. My private reading with Jeni was more than I could have hoped for. It was easy to feel comfortable with Jeni. She was real, authentic and genuine. During my private reading Jeni connected with those I was hoping to connect with and was honest and forthcoming with the messages she was receiving. I never doubted for a moment that my loved ones were with us.  I look forward to connecting with Jeni more and continuing to follow her journey. Thank you Jeni for choosing to share your gifts with us!"

J.M, Kingston, ON

"Jeni is AMAZING!!!! I know I can always go to her for the most spot-on Intuitive advice. After working with Jeni I always feel more clear, positive, and light. Whether it’s business, relationships, or general life stuff - I live having Jeni’s input!!!

C.H Kingston, ON

"Hi Jeni! I just want to thank you again for the amazing reading that you gave me on Tuesday. It was absolutely life changing and heart warming to have made connections with people whom I love and all came through for me. Your validations were insane, to a level that I never expected. The thing about my grand mother coming through with my cat to tell me that what I thought was a song from both of them years apart (Lightning Crashes) was mind blowing. Almost everything made a ton of sense Thank you so much again. I really felt a lot of love from my relatives and it is nice to know that they are never far."

K.H, Kingston, ON

"Last night I had the great privilege of once again experiencing the amazing  things Jeni can do !The healing and answers she is able to provide individuals and  families here (and in the spirit world) is  beyond  words.
Just being in the room when Jeni connects and delivers memories , messages , validation  ( even if the message is not for me directly) adds clarity and hope to my thoughts, feelings,  and to my soul. I leave feeling grounded and in awe at the same time.
If given the chance to be a part of the beauty that Jeni possesses, I truly recommend you take it!!!
Your heart and soul will thank you, I know mine does every time.
Added bonus if it happens at the Holiday Manor as atmosphere , service and food are A+!!!
Thanks Jeni for sharing yourself and your gift with us!!"

M.W, Battersea, ON

"Where does one begin.  Your gift is our present.  Last night was my first experience and I'll be honest, I had a hard time controlling the waterworks.  You're beautiful and funny way of delivering messages from the spirits......"may I say FUCK?"  was and is so inspirational and heartwarming.
Although I had my heart set on hearing from my heavenly Angels, you made my first experience so inspirational and heartwarming.   I am a true believer of afterlife, and wish I had your beautiful gift.
Thank you for all that you are and sharing your experience with us.

"Keep twirling"  lol  and again thank you for YOU"

B.R, Napanee, ON

"I was there last night to support a friend. who thanks to Jeni, and her ability, he and his wife were able to hear from their son. The healing that can happen for people is something that no money can buy. And the way Jeni delivers the message is always positive and loving. If u have an opportunity to spend time with her, please do. You will not be disappointed."

B.V, Napanee, ON

 "Had a wonderful evening. Amazing, unique experience with great energy. I was particularly struck by the "beauty" and "calm" of the energy. Reminded me of our collective connection, and that even though we may not know each other, we are definitely all "one" on a deeper level.  Thank you Jeni for sharing your gift."

K.G, Belleville, ON

"Thank you so very much for sharing your special gift, Jeni! It was a comfort that my Dad came through after his recent passing. I was looking in his garage for the paperwork in the location you described and found a few things he may have wanted us to find. Still waiting on my sister's baby to arrive but thinking the 10:00 mentioned could be this evening or even tomorrow. With the way you described his personality and concerns, I know it was definitely my Dad coming through. An amazing experience...  I will definitely contact you for a private reading in the future."

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