Sound Therapy with jeni

What is Sound Therapy?

Sound Therapy or Sound Healing  aims to restore the energy and vibration of the body back to it's natural, healthy state. 

Basically, everything is energy vibrating at different states. When the energy of the body comes into contact with the high vibrational soundwaves produced by various healing instruments, it will mimic and auto-correct itself. Soundwaves penetrate the aura, travel through the meridians and into the chakras,  clearing out and transforming stuck energy. 

Similar to lithotripsy, a medical procedure used to break up kidney stones, sound therapy is scientific and no longer viewed as "woo woo". 

The Benefits Are Endless!

Anxiety, stress & pain relief, immune boosting, as well as mental, emotional, physical and spiritual healing. You deserve it! 

Jeni's life long music journey

Jeni has been playing guitar since childhood and music has always been a huge part of her life. Music has helped her through many hard times in life and she turns to it often still. 

She also plays banjo, ukulele, piano and harmonica...all self taught. 

It only makes sense that she would bring sound healing into her sessions! Though sound therapy is not music in the same way, Jeni brings her love of music into her work and you can tell. Jeni now has a Diploma in Sound Therapy and is ready to offer this deeply healing modality to the world! 

options, options, options!


The Crystal Chakra Sound's divine!

This handcrafted wooden sound chair has a 25 string monochord (all tuned to B for grounding) instrument on the back and the 7 chakra crystals inlaid on the front. The vibrations from the instrument can be felt strongly in the body through multiple sound holes around the crystals. Jeni will take you on a sound healing journey with the monochord, drum, singing bowl and 7 chakra tuning forks with relaxing background music. 


Reiki & Sound Healing

A step up from a regular Reiki Treatment, this session includes vibrational healing from tuning forks, singing bowls and drums as well as reiki energy healing. The session takes place on the massage table as usual and Jeni will be guided to use the instruments as she goes along. Each session is different depending on the individual. 


Chakra Balancing + Smoke Cleansing

Jeni uses 7 different tuning forks each tuned to the frequencies of the 7 major chakras as well as crystals. Performed on the Sound Chair.  Session includes a smoke cleansing ritual to release stagnant energy and restore your positive state. 

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