Psychic & Tarot Readings

Insight and Advice for the many life challenges

Jeni offers Psychic & Tarot Readings to help you move forward with inspiration and clarity and tap into your own unique purpose.

We all need advice sometimes and not knowing the path we are headed down can be scary. Whether is be relationship, career, health, money or you just need help making a decision, Jeni can shed light on the situation. Often having pre-cognitive personal information about you before you arrive, Jeni is a genuine and sensible tool that will send you off a new person!

Readings  with Jeni are practical but DEEP, touching on those locked away feelings and fears that get in the way. Jeni will always send you off with homework or advice to put into place right away! 


Other offerings

Mediumship Readings


Experience the comfort and validation that your loved ones are around and continue to influence you in your life. A reading you'll never forget! 

Group Events & Home Parties

psychic medium jeni juranics at holiday country manor in battersea Ontario

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Upcoming Events & Workshops


Want to catch Jeni in your area? Make sure you don't miss out! 

Reiki Energy Healing


Experience deep relaxation with this ancient form of energy healing.

Sound Healing


Drums, Tuning forks, Singing Bowls and the Crystal Chakra Sound Chair! 

Healer's In Biz Photo Sessions


In a relaxing and welcoming environment to make the best photos ever!