Share your beautiful face with the world!

Jeni brings 10 years of experience combined her down-to-earth personality to every session. She loves to help other healers to share who they are with the world! By having good quality photos, you can tastefully market yourself online and let people know you are here to help! 

Not what you were looking for? try these other offerings...

Mediumship Readings


Experience the comfort and validation that your loved ones are around and continue to influence you in your life. A reading you'll never forget! 

Psychic & Tarot Readings


Seeking clarity, reassurance and insight? Psychic & Tarot readings with Jeni are unique and personalized.

Reiki Energy Healing


Experience deep relaxation with this ancient form of energy healing.

Sound Healing


Drums, Tuning forks, Singing Bowls and the Crystal Chakra Sound Chair! 

Group Events & Home Parties


Share the experience with friends & family. Host a unique event at your venue or home. 

Upcoming Events & Workshops


Want to catch Jeni in your area? Make sure you don't miss out!