What kind of reading do I need?

If you wish to hear from a loved one who has crossed over you are looking for a Mediumship reading. If you need life guidance about your career, relationships, health etc. choose a Psychic reading. 

Can I have both readings in one visit?

No. The readings Jeni offers are so full that there isn't time for both. 

Can I bring a friend?

It is suggested that you come alone since readings can get very personal. More than one family member can join a mediumship reading but psychic readings are done one-on-one. Please have friends wait in the car.

Can I record my reading?

Recordings are not provided but you are welcome to take notes during your session. Jeni will provide notes for Psychic Readings.

Is it normal to feel anxious or emotional?

Absolutely. Jeni always has a box of tissues and a comforting understanding of her clients.

Will I know who the Spirit is?

Jeni focusses on evidential information as the foundation of the reading. No one leaves with a vague, ones size fits all message.

Am I ready for a reading?

Only you can answer that. It is suggested that you wait 6 months to a year to connect with a loved one to give yourself time to grieve. Mediumship is not a replacement for grief therapy. 

Do I need to bring an item for Jeni to hold?

Sure! It is optional though. If you have a ring or necklace or even a photo you want to bring along, please do!

Will I hear from the person I am hoping for?

Most likely. Jeni cannot force a spirit to come through but readings usually work in your favour. But you hear what you need not always what you want! 

Does Jeni book Weekends or Evenings?

No! Jeni has young children and reserves this time for family. You can however find her at group readings and fairs if you can't make it out during the weekday hours.

Can I Book Jeni to come to my home?

Yes! The minimum is 6 participants. She books evenings during the week and is not available for private weekend events. 

What are Jeni's hours?

Tuesday-Friday from 10am-2pm.

Jeni does not book evening or weekends with the exception of events at Hawk Moon, fairs and group readings. Over the summer her hours change because her kids are home with her. Jeni will post openings for evening availability on FB! 

Can I bring a friend to my reading?

Each circumstance is different. Generally, Jeni recommends coming alone. Family members are welcome to share the mediumship experience but it is recommended to have privacy for psychic readings. 

Does Hawk Moon have regular hours?

Right now, the retail space is open when Jeni is not with a client. Check FB for weekly hours hat you can come in to shop!