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Hawk Moon Healing Arts is an inclusive and welcoming space located on Sydenham Road in Elginburg, ON. It is the meeting place of Psychic Medium, Tarot Reader & Reiki Master Jeni Juranics and her services. You will also find, yoga, meditation, events, workshops and classes centered around spirituality and self development. The studio space offers a small retail section with locally made items for the body and home as well as crystals and unique metaphysical gifts and art. Hawk Moon is also available for hourly, half and full day rentals and the space can easily be transformed to fit your vision for your next event or workshop. 


Then name and a bit of a story...

When my mediumship journey began, I had new experiences and many signs that gave me the confidence and comfort to move forward. It wasn’t easy, but I knew there was something guiding me and if I made a commitment to do what I was guided to do, I would be given more and more opportunities in which I could help people to heal.

One summer afternoon, I was sitting on the steps of my back deck, reflecting on my journey. I asked for a sign. I wasn’t specific, I was just questioning things. Myself, this journey, all of it. 

Then out of nowhere, a HAWK! 

It flew so low over me that I ducked my head. My heart skipped a beat as it landed in the tree straight ahead of me. It perched on the lowest branch of what we call “the wedding tree” (cuz we got married under it). It paused, looked me in the eye and flew off towards the back field and disappeared. 

At that moment I knew, that the Hawk was my spirit animal. I saw them everywhere after that. EVERYWHERE! 

One day, a few months later, a woman reached out on Instagram and said she didn’t know why but that she wanted to mail me one of her precious Hawk feathers.

It was such a validation! To have a stranger reach out like that. I gladly gave her my address and they arrived along with a quartz crystal. 

Fast forward almost 3 years, I have the idea to look for a space to rent instead of working from home. I could expand my business and reach more people and finally have a space for reiki. The shop next door had been vacant for over a year and I often dreamt of how awesome it would be to work so close. But my ego would get the better of me and I would push that dream aside. 

“That’s it!!! I’m emailing them!”  I said one day in mid October 2018.

There was a business card in the window, so I sent a message the address on it.

“They’ll probably say no but at least I’ll know I tried.” 

EGO again. 

They got back to me the next day and told me they were having a meeting about putting the space on the market at the very time I was emailing them! 

Oh no! What have I done?

I know that once I open the possibility of doing something, it will consume me until I do it. 

Great. New project stared just like that.

I get to daydreaming…

Me: What will I call it?

Guides: Hawk Moon 

Me: Really? Do I even like that 

name? I don’t know if I even like it. Frig. Did I see it somewhere? Does the name really matter?

Guides: No

Me: Ok then, Hawk Moon it is. Show me a sign I should do this. 

We set up a time for me to look at the rental just after Halloween. It was PERFECT but my self-limiting thoughts were just running wild. I’m used to squashing them, but it was tough. 

I said I would think about it and get back to them. I wasn’t sure I wanted to pay what they were asking, and it needed a new floor, paint, electrical work and would have to pay for it all. 

The idea of saying no was like breaking my commitment to serving spirit.

 It was excruciating. I could feel my soul hurt. 

If I didn’t take this opportunity, I would be backing out on something I probably planned before I was even born.

This decision would truly be life changing either way. 

Luckily, I had readings to distract me and this is how my next sign was given to me, from someone who came for a reading! 

She came in to sit down and said

Oh, I have something in the car for you! Be right back.

A Hawk feather. 


I thought you’d like it, she said.

You have no idea how meaningful this is to me!

I dug deeper in the meaning and symbolism of the Hawk and was astonished with what I found. I won’t list them all here but in many cultural, mythological and historical accounts, the Hawk is associated with human souls and their journey into the afterlife. Hawks also have keen eyesight and will spot what they want and go after it! 

Seems fitting. I’m a Medium (souls afterlife etc.) and I’m committed! 

So why the MOON? 

If you know me, you know the ocean is my home. That I’ve been going to New Brunswick every summer my whole life and spending weeks by the seaside. So much healing has come from watching the tide go in and out. All because of the Moon. I make a point to watch the moon rise over the water while I’m there. There aren’t many trees on the beach I stay at so you can see for miles. It’s a time when I feel so deeply connected to life, my guides, my purpose. I wouldn’t trade those days for anything. 

The Moon is so trendy right now isn’t it? You might have heard me say this lately:

For god’s sake, just leave the moon alone for a bit! Always blaming it, using it as an excuse to buy crystals or have celebrations. It’s all over Pinterest. Jeez people! 

So, when I received the message to use it in my biz name, I resisted a bit. 

But my journey has had many phases so far, just like the moon. It is also a symbol of the spiritual aspects of femininity, such as intuition, psychic abilities, creativity and wisdom. 

Yeah that resonates…just a little. 

I got the keys December first of 2018. Pulled the money out of my ass, another phrase you can quote me for, and opened Jan 1st, 2019! 

I’m so thankful and excited to share this space with you! I envision it being a hub for souls to come and just be. Heal. Connect. Thrive.

Come visit anytime!

See you soon,